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Project Management

Project Management

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Project Management for Residential Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture Construction

Our managers will supervise your project, so you can focus on what matters to you. Relieve yourself from the headache and stress of construction. Consider these packaged services.

Package 1 - Basic Builder. Our project managers will take on the most important tasks to ensure the success of your project.

  • Project Planning - Develop project plans and measures to ensure its success
  • Scope & Tasks Management - Define and manage project scope, ensuring that project objectives and deliverables are well-defined and achievable
  • Resource Allocation & Scheduling - Assign and manage project team members and resources to tasks, ensuring optimal utilization
  • Weekly Progress Report - Generate regular reports on project progress, expenses, and performance metrics for stakeholders
  • Online Client Meetings - Attend online & phone call meetings with the client
  • Online Team Coordination - Attend online & phone call meetings with the whole project team including suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors

Package 2 - Pro Project Manager. Our project managers will have more site visibility to ensure tasks are done properly, with a more comprehensive set of tools and resources.

  • Everything in Package 1 - Inclusive of all tasks in 'Basic Builder' package
  • Quality Assurance - Establish and enforce quality standards for construction work, ensuring compliance with regulations and industry best practices
  • Document Control - Maintain accurate project documentation, including plans, specifications, contracts, and progress reports
  • Construction Site Management - Supervise and coordinate on-site activities, ensuring safety, efficiency, and adherence to project plans
  • On-Site Client Meetings - Attend by-request field meetings with clients
  • On-Site Team Coordination - Attend field meetings with the whole project team, including suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors

Package 3 - Premier Construction Suite. Our project managers will take care of the risks and procurement, with custom features requested by the client, personalized support, and additional services.

  • Everything in Packages 1 & 2 - Inclusive of all tasks in 'Basic Builder' and 'Pro Project Manager' packages
  • Risk Management - Identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them, ensuring project success and minimizing disruptions
  • Conflict Resolution - Evaluate, manage, and decide on change orders and addendums, assessing their impact on the project and making informed decisions. Address conflicts and disputes that arise during the project, facilitating solutions to maintain progress and relationships
  • Budget Management - Create and manage project budgets, track expenses, and ensure cost-effective resource allocation
  • Procurement - Procure materials, equipment, and services required for the project, ensuring timely delivery and cost-effectiveness

See this table for the package comparison.

The subscription packages are good for one (1) residential project only. You may buy multiple quantities if you have multiple construction projects to be managed.

The price for each package is recurring and billed monthly until the project is done. You may cancel anytime. Choose the 'one-time purchase' option if you opt to test our services first.

After payment, please expect an email from us within three (3) business days to acquire more information about your project.

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