What is Arkayv?

Arkayv (Ark And Your Vibe) is a curated marketplace platform for residential architecture and design services. We sell house designs, furniture, and décor. We offer packaged, cost-effective architecture, interior, and landscaping services. 

We partner and collaborate with the world's best design professionals to build the most beautiful, functional, and creative living spaces.

Arkayv is an abbreviation of 'ark and your vibe,' a phrase representing our concept of a home. As in Noah's Ark, an ark is a vessel that affords protection and safety—essentially, the definition of a house. It becomes a home when the occupants fill it with their 'vibe' or personality and style.

Arkayv is pronounced the same as 'archive' /ˈɑːr.kaɪv/, a catalog, repository, or database, which aptly describes our product offering: an archive for architecture and design.

What is the product?

For furniture and décor, you will receive a physical product. We will deliver it to your doorstep through our partner couriers.

For house and structure designs, we offer two packages: 'Blueprints' and the 'Built' package.

    • Blueprints - This is a digital product: a series of ready-made drawings & texts that will show you how to build the design. It is a ZIP file that contains PDF, CAD, and 3D illustrations of the structure. After payment, a product download link will be sent to your email.
    • Built - Arkayv will build the product for you at your preferred site address. After payment, expect an email from us within three (3) business days to acquire more information about your project.

We also offer packaged services for bespoke design, project management, and site maintenance. These packages are for a personalized, design-from-scratch approach to your homes, interiors, and landscapes.

    Can I use these blueprints to acquire a building permit?

    It depends upon the requirements of the office in your jurisdiction. Our blueprints are paper size A3 and do not contain the architect's signature. 

    However, the package includes the CAD files. Your architect-of-record or contractor can use them to edit the drawings and produce the required blueprints.

    For the 'Built' package, construction management is already included, which involves adjusting drawings for permit requirements.

    Can I have the design customized?

    For furniture and décor, please send us an email.

    For house & structure designs, please purchase the 'Built' Package. It includes design customizations.

    However, if you want a personalized, design-from-scratch approach to your homes, interiors, and landscapes, please consider these packaged services

    Can I use the design for my projects?

    Absolutely! Once the design is bought, you become its rightful owner. You may use the design for anything, including your projects.


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