Lariza takes inspiration from the great outdoors, capturing the intricacies of nature as a provider of invaluable insights and expertise for her designs.

'Hiking, diving, and traveling are the source of my creativity and problem-solving skills.'

My career journey began over a decade ago, allowing me to contribute to various residential and large-scale projects. This period has provided me with invaluable insights and expertise, equipping me to navigate the intricacies of construction and design.

Outside of work, I immerse myself in the great outdoors, where I capture the intricate beauty of nature through my lens. Hiking, diving, and traveling are not just leisure activities for me; they are the source of my creativity and problem-solving skills in landscape architecture, catalyzing fresh ideas and perspectives. 

In addition to my design endeavors, I am also the proud owner of an online jewelry shop, a venture close to my heart, enriching my approach to design and management.

While pursuing a Master's degree in Environment and Natural Resources Management at the University of the Philippines, I continue to balance my passion for design, entrepreneurship, and art. This reflects my commitment to holistic growth and an investment of knowledge in fields that intersect with my professional interests.


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