Work with kindess & empathy

The design-build industry is a difficult one. Practitioners usually experience extreme mental and physical stress. Our community understands that the presence of kind and empathetic individuals enhances our members' overall well-being and satisfaction, creating a positive and nurturing work environment that benefits everyone involved.

Diversity in collaboration

Our community provides a rich environment for learning and collaboration by bringing together individuals from different cultural and professional backgrounds.

The exposure to diverse perspectives, networking possibilities, and developing essential skills make Arkayv a powerful platform for advancing one's career in this dynamic field.

Designer-centric, design-focused

You design, we build. Our community members focus on perfecting their designs while our partner contractors and manufacturers handle the intricate building process with precision and care.

Every designer is unburdened by logistical challenges and experiences the joy of seeing their ideas come to life effortlessly, knowing that our skilled builders are there to support and materialize their every design whim.


We provide our community with free marketing support and invaluable data on architectural and design trends, offering strategic partnerships and curated content for enhanced visibility. Arkayv’s commitment extends to furnishing data-driven insights and ensuring informed decision-making.

Our products and services utilize current technologies in social media, artificial intelligence, construction, and fulfillment strategies to be efficient and cost-effective.

Equitable to everyone

Artists and designers work hard. They deserve above-par compensation and reward. Arkayv fosters a more equitable environment by providing fair payment to our partners. We take only a 20% commission from their products, allowing our members to thrive. This offers a more balanced and inclusive industry where creatives are valued for their skills and expertise.

Arkayv aims to propel the architectural and design community forward through these shared values, shaping a future of unparalleled creativity and collective success. Join us!