FAQs from Artists, Curators, and Designers

How do I join as an artist, curator, or designer at Arkayv?

Kindly fill out this form.

Can I invite a fellow designer to join?

Absolutely! Please have them fill out this form.

Can I do design collaborations?

Yes, you may collaborate with our members. If you wish to work with an outsider for your Arkayv project, please invite them to join our community first. Have them fill out this form.

Does Arkayv have a drawing standard and plot style for the Blueprints Package?

Drawings should be in paper size A3.

For fonts and CAD plot styles, you may use your own.

Make sure to have written consent if you use the CAD and drawing standards of other firms & companies.

Drawings should not have copyrighted layers, blocks, and elements.

Are you hiring design professionals?

No, we are not. Arkayv only partners and collaborates with design professionals. We take commission fees from their products sold at our marketplace.

Is there a membership fee?

None. Being part of the Arkayv community is completely free. However, to ensure the diversity and variety of our products & services, the current members will vote to approve or decline your application.

General FAQs

FAQs from Builders and Manufacturers