Designer, Landscape Architect, and Artist. Dheira has over ten years of professional experience in Landscape Design and Construction Project Management. She has worked on many projects throughout the Philippines, the Middle East, and Australia. She utilizes a variety of media, from pen & paper to 3D digital art.

'It’s always exciting to see your work come to life.'

As a child, I’ve always been inclined to the arts. I would spend hours slumped on the floor making sketches. I often felt at peace when I could zone out and be creative. As I grew older, I naturally gravitated to a creative profession. I fell in love with having designs built into real-life functional spaces.

I work under a Landscape Design Studio; that’s my 9-5. My favorite part about the job is creating 3D models of our designs. It’s always exciting to see your work come to life.

Besides work, I like to stay active throughout the week. I strongly believe in the mental and physical benefits of keeping your body moving.

Burle Marx is my design influence. He worked with a wide range of media and dabbled in sketches, paintings, and mosaics, to name a few. And most importantly, he revolutionized landscape architecture into living art.

My artworks focus on portraits, a mix of realism and pop art - marrying delicate shading and linework with bold, vibrant colors. My influences are Roy Lichtenstein, Tomer Hanuka, and Oliver Sin.


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