Arkayv's exclusive line of home furniture and accessories celebrating the beauty of modernist art and design. Each piece is a fusion of contemporary elegance and functionality.

The brand instills a culture of sophistication and individual expression.

Dedicated to enhancing the essence of home living through its exclusive line of furniture and accessories, Darling Moderne celebrates the captivating charm of modernist art and design. With a keen focus on contemporary aesthetics, these crafts are a fusion of elegance and functionality.

A brainchild of Arkayv's founder and community members, the brand's mission is to transform home environments, inviting individuals to curate spaces that resonate with their unique sensibilities and a profound appreciation for modern design. Each item becomes a functional work of art that serves a purpose and evokes joy and creativity.

Darling Moderne seeks to instill a culture of sophistication and individual expression, fostering a living space where modernism becomes synonymous with personalized, timeless style.


Join us, and let's make design accessible to everyone.

We aim to build beautiful, well-designed homes & spaces. Help us realize this goal and let's make this world a better place: