Daniel is a Landscape Architect and graphics artist practicing both in the Philippines and the Middle East. He specializes in technical detailing, creating landscape structures such as pavilions and gazebos. He also loves drawing portraits of pets.

'...landscape architecture is also about designing furniture and structures that go well with the exterior environment.'

My passion for drawing grew in high school when I participated in poster-making & slogan contests, where I gained recognition. There was also a period when I developed an interest in caring for plants. I would occasionally sneak away to buy plants and place them in our garden.

I pondered what I wanted as a career in college: something meaningful and purposeful. I stumbled upon landscape architecture, a field where I could create green spaces for people while simultaneously helping the environment. What excited me the most about it was the opportunity to influence others. I wanted to use my career to educate and inspire people about the significance of incorporating green spaces into the development of an area.

Green spaces enhance a place's aesthetic appeal and benefit our well-being. Through my work, I aim to create sustainable, functional, and beautiful landscapes that will remind me of the importance of preserving nature in our cityscapes. But not just plantscaping, landscape architecture is also about designing furniture and structures that go well with the exterior environment.

By utilizing my skills in drawing and my passion for caring for plants, I create designs that capture people's attention and ignite their interest in creating harmonious spaces that prioritize nature. I want to be a driving force in transforming how people perceive and value green spaces, ultimately positively impacting our communities and the world.


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